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Clinical Services

Our services include but not limited to Clinical, Educational and Advocacy services.

Assessment and treatment of mental health disorders via taking a patient entered, non judgemental, biopsychosocial approach

Second opinion on mental health disorders with a view to consider novel treatment options in keeping with the most recent advances in psychiatric treatments and national guidelines.

Consultation and treatment of depression, anxiety, phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder

Discussing treatment options and possible side effects to patients and involving family and carers when necessary.

Expert assessments and court reports on mental health related problems, including capacity assessments, asylum and immigration cases.


Supporting adolescents and young adults with regard to their educational needs.
Close collaboration with educational institution with a view to provide and multifaceted support frame work.


Shrink for expats are ready to support you and facilitate your communication with the UK health care services.
This can immensely improve the quality of care you receive
and equip you with a better understanding of your care plan.